Best Pizza in Napoli – Italy

In Napoli Pizza is more than simply “food”, it is a real cult.
You can eat pizza sitted in your favourite pizzeria, you can bring it home and share it with friends and family or you can also eat pizza in the streets while chatting with friends (“pizza a portafoglio” – “wallet pizza”).

An accurate choice of regional ingredients, a long leavining dough and special wood-burning oven, make this pizza unique in the world.

For pizza addicted, Naples is like a pizza paradise where it’s possible to taste very good pizzas in lot of pizzerias.
Most famous pizzerias has lot of queue at the entrance and it’s not possibile to make reservation,  so the suggestion is to try to arrive a bit earlier than the crowd.

In addition price of pizza in Napoli is the same of any other pizzeria in Italy, sometimes also cheaper, a great surplus for those pizza lovers that usually have to go to very expensive places to have a good pizza.

I’ve tried to rank best pizzas in Napoli, based on the taste of pizza, but without ignoring the table service and the location. My choice is always a Margherita because I think it’s the best way to have the real taste of the pizza.
Here my top 4 pizzas in Napoli:

4. 50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo


50 Kalò is the only modern pizzeria in my chart. Its pizza is different from the historic pizzerias I’ve considered but it’s worth to try it. Experts consider this pizza as the natural evolution of the traditional neapolitan pizza, and even if I agree, I still consider traditional pizza a little better.

Location is very pleasing, waiters are fast and kind. In every table, there is a clear explanation of the ingredients and of the dough used.

My pizza was very well cooked and ingredients delicious.

👍 Location, innovative pizzeria

3. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele Via Cesare Sersale, 1 / 3 – Napoli

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is one of the historic pizzerias (since 1870) in Napoli, considered as the Temple of the Pizza for many pizza lovers.

The Menu is made by just 2 simple pizzas: Marinara (tomato, garlic, oregan and oil) and Margherita (tomato, mozzarella, oil, basil), in order to respect the traditional recipe of the Neapolitan Pizza.

If you want a Margherita, I suggest you the Double Mozzarella version, because in the normal one, in my opinion, there isn’t enough mozzarella.

Pizza is very tasty, even if I noticed that lot of pizzas, mine included, were not cooked uniformly with some parts little burned.
The places is always crowded and often there are too long queues, even if they are very fast.
The appearance is quite sleazy, poor furnishing, the walls are covered of ugly ceramic tiles and you can’t have your own table but you have to share it with the some other random guest of the pizzeria.

👍 Pizza

👎 Few attention to customers, poor furnishing.

2. Starita a Materdei


Starita a Materdei is a pizzeria far from the center of Napoli (easy to reach by metro), but despite the distance it is very popular among locals and tourists.

Pizza is delicious, with an excellent mix of ingredients and it is perfectly cooked.

Starita starters
Fried Starters

Waiters are fast and very kind, and willing to help customers in the choice of the great variety of starters, pizzas and sweets.

Special mention to the fried starters with a great variety of fried items (bucatini pasta, pumpkin flowers and ricotta, montanarine, potato crocchè) and to the angiolotti (fried dough served with cherry tomato as starter and with nutella as sweet). Definetly worth to try.

👍 Pizza, Starters, Service

👎 Distance from the center

1. Sorbillo

Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo Via dei Tribunali 32, Napoli

Gino Sorbillo is the most famous pizza maker in Italy, he’s often in TV as pizzachef and without any doubt his pizza is the best in Napoli.
He own 3 pizzerias (1 in Milan and 2 in Naples) but the historic pizzeria is the one in Via dei Tribunali.

Pizza is divine and perfectly cooked. Some organic ingredients are used (written in the Menu) and Margherita is made with a mix of fiordilatte mozzarella and buffalo mozzarella.

In front of the pizzeria, there are long queues at every hour but the location is huge and they are quite fast, so don’t feel discouraged by the queue in order to have the chance to eat best pizza in Napoli.

👍 Pizza

👎 Long queue

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