Cavagrande del Cassibile – Avola (SR) – Italy

Cavagrande del Cassibile

Cavagrande del Cassibile is one of the most beautiful Natural Reserve in Sicily.

It is a stunning canyon carved by the erosion of Cassibile river. In the valley the river has created small waterfalls and lakes (called uruvi), that in summertime are crowded of tourists and locals that use to go there to swim and get tanned.

The water appear to be green emerald.
It is the perfect place for trekking lovers that want to immerse into the nature and to complete the trekking session with a swim in the fresh (quite cold for me) water of the lakes.

cavagrande-del-cassibile-3The Reserve is also a place of archeological interest, with the presence of prehistoric rocky villages and a necropolis similar to the well known Necropolis of Pantalica.

The route is quite easy during the descent but the way back to the top is a bit strenuos for untrained trekker, in fact it’s not suggested to climb back up during the hottest hour of the day.

The Reserve is very close to Siracusa, Noto and Avola so it can be easily reached by all nature lover near Siracusa, Catania or Ragusa.cavagrande-del-cassibile-5

The main entrance (Sentiero Scala Cruci) is often closed because of a local security restrictions (a fire burned part of the route wooden fences in 2014) but most of tourists and locals use to overstep the restriction (a short barrier) and go down anyway to the Main Lakes. If you don’t want to overcome the restriction, another entrance is Sentiero Carrubbella (more info at this link), that doesn’t end into the lakes but it offers a similar top view from the route, just 1 Km away from the main entrance.



Unfortunately the place is not connected by Public Traspost so a car is needed to reach the Natural Reserve.
Here are Cavagrande position on Google Map:


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