Top things to see in Napoli in 2 days

Napoli (Naples) is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

Just two days in Napoli and you will fall in love with this city, its architectural heritage, the friendliness of its people and the great variety and quality of typical food.

Furthermore Napoli is the birthplace of pizza (find out the Best Pizza in Napoli – Italy), there’s no other place in Italy where you can have better pizzas and every pizza-lover should try neapolitan pizza at least once in his life.

Here is my list of the places that is possible to visit in Napoli in 2 days.

Duomo di Napoli / Cathedral of Naplesnapoli-2

The Cathedral of Naples is also know as Cathedral of San Gennaro, the city’s patron saint.
It is the main church of Naples and the seat of the Archbishop of Naples.
Inside the Cathedral there is also the Cript of San Gennaro, where there are two vials of the blood of Saint Januarius that liquefy 3 times per year during a High Mass with the faithful. If the blood fails to liquefy, then legend says that disaster will befall Naples. (more info @ The Blood Miracle)

Cathedral: free entrance
Cript of San Gennaro – entrance 1,50€

Piazza del Plebiscito


Large square located very closely to the gulf of Naples.
It is bounded by the Royal Palace and the church of San Francesco di Paola with colonnades extending to both sides.

Church of San Francesco di Paola: free entrance

Palazzo Reale Napoli / Royal Palace of Naples


It was one of the four residences near Naples used by the Bourbon Kings during their rule of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
More info: Royal Palace

Entrance: 4€ / 3€

Castel dell’Ovo


A fast visit inside the castle is possible, going up till the top where it is possibile to admire a great view of the gulf of Naples on the roof of the castle with cannons.
It is open till sunset.

Free entrance

Castel Nuovo


Castel Novo, often called Maschio Angioino, is an imposing medieval castle in the city centre.
A visit is suggested during the day with the daylight and with artificial lights during the evening.

Napoli Sotterranea / Underground Naples


Probably it’s not a “must see in Naples” but it says a lot about the history of Naples and it is definitely a tour different  from the classic ones. You will have the chance to visit part of the underground of the city moving through the ancient aqueduct.
Not suggested for people suffering claustrophobia.
More info:

Monastero di Santa Chiara


Santa Chiara is part of a religious complex, including the Church of Santa Chiara, a monastery, tombs and an archeological museum.
The cloister of the Clarisses (in the photo), with its maiolica tiles decoration is worth to try.

More info:

Via dei Tribunali


In Via dei Tribunali you can see the historic centre of the city and feel the “real” Naples.
Although it is always full of tourists, it is still the core of the folklore of the city. I suggest a walk to discover the historic centre, eating in one of the pizzerias or taste one of the delicious neapolitan sweets (such as Babà or Torta Caprese).

Chiesa di San Gregorio Armeno


Metro Toledo


Who would suggest a Metro Station as a place to visit in a city? Toledo Metro Station is a beautiful exception, a metro station designed by a famous spanish architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca and awarded as one of the most beautiful metro station in the world.

Here are some photos, including others suggested places not described above:


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